MakerFaire NYC 2012
Set Up!

Yo, Ho, Ho and a bottle of… Well for the most part, Coca Cola! Fuel these days! Our Pirates are a hit!

MakerFaire NYC 2011
More Room!

With more room we really spread out!

MakerFaire NYC 2011
The Crew

We took over the Great Hall entry way!

MakerFaire NYC 2011
Thanks Again!

Thank you to our sponsors!

MakerFaire NYC 2010
The Walk Through

We did get a chance to walk around and look at all of the great Makers! If you haven’t been to a MakerFaire you should definitely check it out!

MakerFaire NYC 2010
The Setup

We had a great location! Lots and lots of folks walked by our display and more then a few people stuck their head into Oliver’s mouth for a picture!

MakerFaire NYC 2010
The Welcome

The venue was awesome! Great call Sherry! We got in late on Friday but everyone was so helpful and welcoming!

Home is here to share information about how to build your own static and animated Halloween props. Our goal is to show you what we have been doing and help you to build some of your own props. We are starting to take orders for custom built props from all over the country and will have a listing of stock props available for sale soon.

Halloween displays are really coming to life these days! I have noticed more and more interest in this time of year lately. There seems to be more activity around the Halloween specific websites, niche stores pop up all around your local super centers selling the latest props and costumes. Halloween is becoming a big holiday.

Building creative displays is catching on! There are lots of online resources for DIY projects but there are only a few sites dedicated to those who are true Halloween display fans.

For now, take a look at our current projects and let us know what you think.

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