MakerFaire NYC 2012
Pneumatics Starter Kit

So many wonderful questions and so little time to chat with about how exactly to get started. Here is our opportunity to get some basics together in time for the upcoming spooky day!

Starter Kit – Automation Store

Cylinder = b-1.25DRPM-06a x1
Valve = 4v210-08-dc12v-i x1
Regulator = w1000-8n (optional) x1
Flow Control = 88958-04-04 x2
Fittings = pc 1/4-n2u x2
Tube = nti-11-b-1/4-100 (100′ may seem like a lot but if you are planning multiple projects, it doesn’t go bad…;-)

Pneumatics basics:
Cylinder => linear actuator => single or double acting (single acting – air pushes the piston out, a spring returns the piston to its home position) (double acting – air pushes the piston out and air pushes the piston back in) We use double acting cylinders for our props so we can control speed in both directions.

Valve => controls air on/off and/or direction => many options on ports and positions but for the most part we use 5 port 2 position.

Flow Controls => speed control => limit the speed air leaves the cylinder to control the speed not pressure.

Regulator => pressure control => more weight on your prop, more pressure to move it.

Connectors => pipe threads on one side, push connect on the other

Tube => sized based on the cylinder size, we use 1/8″, 1/4″ and 3/8″

MakerFaire NYC 2012
Set Up!

Yo, Ho, Ho and a bottle of…

Well for the most part, Coca Cola! Fuel these days!

Our Pirates are a hit!

MakerFaire NYC 2012

Here we go!

MakerFaire NYC 2011
More Room!

With more room we really spread out!

MakerFaire NYC 2011
The Crew

We took over the Great Hall entry way!

MakerFaire NYC 2011
Thanks Again!

Thank you to our sponsors!

Timely, Timey, Timerson!

It took a while and of course like everything else there is room for improvement but our Timeline is started.

I am learning that more and more with the larger aspects of a project even from a 10,000 foot view you have to have a timeline pulled together.

For now it is a sketch of when we are going to have work sessions, what is going to be in the show and of course a rough outline of the to-do list.

  • Make design changes
  • Order parts
  • Receive parts
  • Realize you forgot some parts
  • Redesign the thing that didn’t work
  • Re-Order parts

That is just about everything you need for any project!

Air on the side of Caution…;-)

Pneumatics order is in! It took me a while and I am sure I still missed a couple of things I will need but the order is in and Roger over at Automation Store is working on getting everything to me quick so we can get started!

I am thinking about setting up some tutorials on Pneumatics. If there is an interest, let me know what you need to know and I will see what I can do.

A Little Later Then I Wanted to Be!

We finally edited down some video clips from MakerFaire NYC 2010. There is also a little bit from our last Halloween setup to show what we are bringing to MakerFaire NYC 2011!

We are hard at work getting our to-do lists together and getting a timeline setup. It is amazing how quick time flies when you are writing out a calendar.

We have already dusted everyone off and pushed some power and air through stuff, everything is still working like it is supposed to. However, we are currently working up some new prop designs and some really great upgrades to our animatronic family.

Time is Flying!

Not sure if you noticed or not but we updated the website quite a bit!

I hope you like the new design. It is the first step in making things easier to get to and making the site more functional.

Check it out, let me know what you think.