Pneumatics Starter Kit

So many wonderful questions and so little time to chat with about how exactly to get started. Here is our opportunity to get some basics together in time for the upcoming spooky day!

Starter Kit – Automation Store

Cylinder = b-1.25DRPM-06a x1
Valve = 4v210-08-dc12v-i x1
Regulator = w1000-8n (optional) x1
Flow Control = 88958-04-04 x2
Fittings = pc 1/4-n2u x2
Tube = nti-11-b-1/4-100 (100′ may seem like a lot but if you are planning multiple projects, it doesn’t go bad…;-)

Pneumatics basics:
Cylinder => linear actuator => single or double acting (single acting – air pushes the piston out, a spring returns the piston to its home position) (double acting – air pushes the piston out and air pushes the piston back in) We use double acting cylinders for our props so we can control speed in both directions.

Valve => controls air on/off and/or direction => many options on ports and positions but for the most part we use 5 port 2 position.

Flow Controls => speed control => limit the speed air leaves the cylinder to control the speed not pressure.

Regulator => pressure control => more weight on your prop, more pressure to move it.

Connectors => pipe threads on one side, push connect on the other

Tube => sized based on the cylinder size, we use 1/8″, 1/4″ and 3/8″