Sponsorship Programs

HalloweenAnimatronics.net is an invaluable resource for Halloween static and animated props. We receive thousands of visitors to our website each Halloween season and reference vendors to anyone who asks “Where did you find that?!”

We not only receive thousands of visitors to the website each season but we also see hundreds of excited visitors at our display. I have been asked each year if props are for sale. I haven’t been able to part with my creations but I have provided the website as a resource for happy haunters to build their own props.

Our goal is to create projects which will allow the home haunter to build his or her own fantastic creations using our shared knowledge and a list of online resources for tools and materials.

I am a dedicated, loyal customer and I value every vendor relationship I have established.

This year I posed the question of sponsorship to a few of my vendors. The interest was overwhelming! The DIY Blog concept is one of the best new ways to share resources and vendors are really getting on board.

This year HalloweenAnimatronics.net will be accepting two levels of sponsorship.

  1. Product Sponsor: We will use and display your product during our Halloween shows, we will post your logo and link to your website on our Sponsors page as well as in each Blog post which contains information about the sponsored product.
  2. Event Sponsor: Each year hundreds of visitors come to our display and stay for our music show. We will display on our website under the Sponsors page a listing of our Event sponsors along with your logo and link to your website.

For more information please email Corey@HalloweenAnimatronics.net